A strong presence in a crowded marketplace

Entity Group


For almost ten years, we have worked with the Entity Group, creating a new identity, two websites, and a wealth of marketing materials, supporting them through their growth and success.

Full transformation

When we first met Entity, they were delivering complex technical solutions for big organisations, but they lacked the brand and design positioning required to stand out at that level. We love such a challenge, and got to work immediately with a workshop involving their key people, to develop understanding of who they were, and where they wanted to go with the business.

Once the new identity was in place, we set about delivering their first website and suite of marketing materials including: case studies, whitepapers and exhibition stands for the many global events they attend.

Fast forward a few years and many projects including videos and designing and digitally publishing their book ‘Crossing the Data Delta’.

Entity has grown and opened offices in the US, UAE and South Africa.


It works both ways

An added benefit to the relationship with Entity, is the mutual respect of each other’s skills and expertise. Entity is not only a valued client of Demographik, but they use our services to help deliver the projects that they work on that require design input. We have been delighted to work with them and form an extended part of their team.

  • Identity and branding that positions them amongst their peers
  • Website that is fully responsive and facilitates easy addition of campaign pages
  • Whitepapers, case studies, and event materials
  • Exhibition stands
  • Photography


From the off Demographik really give clarity to what can be a confusing process. From initial design structure through to design processes and onto production and delivery. They run projects like clockwork and always on budget.

Sam Thomsett

Marketing, Entity Group

Marsh Events & Exhibitions

Marsh Events & Exhibitions

Marsh’s networks practice host a few events over the year, the biggest being the Marsh ProBroker conference, which brings together all their members and insurance panel providers. We were on hand to enhance and showcase the ProBroker brand at the event.

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Marsh Networks

Marsh Networks

We started working with insurance leader Marsh in 2009. We were called in to help develop the brand for three new offerings, ProBroker, Labyrinth and Connections, which were to sit under the new Marsh Networks umbrella.

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Entity – Crossing The Data Delta

Entity – Crossing The Data Delta

Entity used their knowledge and experience to write a book Crossing the Data Delta, described as an innovative analysis of the digital revolution. Demographik worked with them to ensure that the book’s visuals were as impactful as its content.

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