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Creating a visual language for busy travellers

British Airports Authority


BAA Heathrow commissioned Demographik to design a suite of pictograms to be used in the airport, to direct people from all around the world to the right place. Creating a simplistic and unified system only comes through working through a detailed process.

World Standards

When approaching a task where the visual language needs to communicate to a global audience, we begin by researching what the pre-existing iconography that exists elsewhere.

Our first task was to see what world-leading airports used to visually articulate the words and phrases we had to design. The results were varied and interesting. There are many common factors which could be identified as international standard, yet there are also many different interpretations of what constitutes for example, an ‘exit’ symbol.

One thing was abundantly clear: The designs needed to be unique to Heathrow. This required an understanding of the BAA Heathrow corporate guidelines, which included a review of the existing styles, so that when we began designing, we could take into account all of this contextual material.


The result

  • Pictograms that can be immediately recognised by people of all languages, who are often rushed and stressed
  • Designs that are familiar yet unique
  • Delivery of final artworks for installation



Information Design Overview

Information Design Overview

From a complete audit of national transport networks to rethinking and designing single mode icons, we make information accessible. Across the UK, by rail, bus, tram and on foot, we aim to help passengers get to where they want to be.

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National Express

National Express

Helping people get to their destinations on public transport, with minimal stress and maximum support, depends on cleverly designed customer information – whether it’s take away printed items, static on-site signage or maps.

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