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Helping the Home Office with Security Delivery

Government security

The role of Government Security Centre People and Physical is to help government departments understand and manage the people and physical security risks they are facing and improve security in line with government-wide standards and policies. 


As part of the Government Security Function, GSCPP provides an integrated and easy to access service of expert security advice and services, working in strategic partnership with CPNI, and in collaboration with the other national technical authorities, leading authorities and Government Security Centres.

Our task was to take this complicated offering, and try and help in the delivery of well designed, simplified and easy to digest materials for both internal and external consumption.

With so many partners, stakeholders, acronyms etc, understanding the context and details can be challenging but necessary in order to make the most impact with each project. 

A key deliverable we created was an animated video to give an overview of the service, helping to deliver clarity and understanding.

The result

  • Brochure communicating the offering
  • Kinetic animated video incorporating client testimonial
  • Email templates for ongoing communication
  • PowerPoint presentations for events
  • Infographic to help demystify the relationships between partners, customers and other stakeholders
  • Case study design and templates
  • Accessible pdfs
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